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In 2020, a group of students looking for ways to make a change while quarantined due to the COVID-19 Pandemic gathered together to explore how they could make a positive change in their communities.

After reading and discussing several books about creating change including Impact A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In  by Christen Brandt and Tammy Tibbetts and Becoming a Changemaker: An Actionable, Inclusive Guide to Leading Positive Change at Any Level by Alex Budak, these dedicated Working Towards Change was launched.

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At Working Towards Change we believe that even the smallest acts of kindness and service can create ripples of positive change in our communities.

We believe that even the smallest acts of kindness and service benefits both the community and the ones doing the service.

When our students come together to volunteer, their collective small deeds can transform lives, help their communities, and better than own mental well being.

Since our formation, Working Towards Change has engaged over 200 student volunteers who have planned, implemented or participated in over 25 community service projects. 

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