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Why Your High School Junior Needs to Visit a Library in Minnesota
Have you heard of the Kerlan Collection? No? Neither had I. However, after learning about this incredible collection, I think every college applicant, every sen...
Follow Your Yellow Brick Road
Since when did college change from spending four years of exploration to years of training for your first job? When did high school change from “the best years...
When is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?
This time of year, a lot of families and students are asking questions. I hear so many questions from clients, friends, and even from people who just know what...
To College Fair or Not to College Fair?
On May 2nd and 3rd, admission advisors from hundreds of colleges and universities will be ready and waiting to talk with families in the Boston area at the NACA...
The 4Ps of Looking for a College
We at CBA are perpetually curious. We love to read/listen/talk about pretty much anything. However, our favorite topics are, of course, anything related to teen...
New Pen 1, Blank Page 0
All it took was a bright new set of Flair pens.I recently met with a student, she was a typical overachieving junior with a laundry list of activities,..
The 8 Ps of Writing Your College Essay
Following our 8 Ps of Writing can really help your college essay and supplemental questions shine! They are:...
I Don’t Want my Children to be Overachievers
I have a love-hate relationship with swag and knick knacks that have inspirational sayings on them. Live laugh love? Usually when I’m out shopping,..
Curiosity vs Passion
Are there any words that make you cringe when you hear them? One of my college friends absolutely, positively could not stand the word “moist” in any context..
How Can Broadway Help My College Essay
When my kids were younger and I drove them to school, I often subjected them to The Broadway Channel. While they preferred the smooth stylings of Howard Stern...

Happy Clients

Eydie understands the whole process and is able to tailor her services as needed.

"Eydie Balsam was invaluable to us during our daughter’s college application process. She is so much more than your typical college counselor. Eydie personalizes her support based on the needs of her clients and makes each family feel like they are special and have her undivided attention. She understands the whole process and is able to tailor her services as needed.”
Parent, Class of 2020 (Dover-Sherborn, MA)

We were very happy with the final result.

“During the application process, Eydie and her team were great at not only making sure the applications were complete and deadlines were being met, but for helping our daughter develop her personal essay as well. They spent time ensuring the final product reflected our daughter’s strength of character while at the same time making sure it was reflected in her own authentic voice! We were very happy with the final result.”
Parent, Class of 2021 (Newton, MA)
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