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The average student-to-school counselor ratio at public high schools is 415:1; even counselors at independent schools can have upwards of 50 students on their dockets. Public school counselors spend just 38 minutes on college planning over the entire course of four years. Even the best high school counselors, and we partner with some of the best, don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a student’s college search the way an IEC does. An IEC can give you continuous support and develop a customized college admissions plan that works for your family. Applying to college can be confusing. There are so many dates and deadlines to abide by it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Having a third party can help to alleviate stress by streamlining the process and, in turn, minimizing conflicts. Families can then focus on.

We typically start working with students during their sophomore year in high school. However, some families like to start the process with their children in the 9th grade. Please inquire about additional offerings if you’re interested in early enrollment.
(Please note that all workshops are geared toward students in their junior or senior year).

Yes, we offer individual counseling, personal essay assistance and workshops, our signature Admissions Academy and personalized list-building services.

We can not guarantee admissions or standardized testing outcomes, but we can guarantee that we will guide your student systematically through the college admissions process by offering our signature counseling services and support along the way!

Our prices are dependent on the service you choose. If you would like more information about pricing, please sign up for a 30-minute free consultation to hear about all our services and which would suit your family best.

We offer both in-person and virtual options for individual counseling. All workshops are in
person at our offices in Newton, Massachusetts.

By scheduling a 30-minute free consultation!!. We will discuss how we can help serve your student and share what options will help your student best navigate through their college admissions process, whether it’s individual counseling, our signature Admissions Academy, or in-person workshops. Our variety of offerings ensures that we have something for your family that will help give your student clarity and support throughout their entire admissions journey!

We know colleges, but more importantly, we know teenagers! At College Bound Advising, we know how the college search and application process works. But more importantly, we know teenagers. We are trained counselors and teachers, and we understand how to work with teenagers to guide them down the path to find their “right fit” colleges. This is where having backgrounds in counseling and social work come in handy! It’s been a huge relief for both the parents and the child. Our customized college admissions advising allows students to benefit from our signature programs to maximize every opportunity for admissions success. Our team of college counselors collaborates to provide our students and their families guidance and insight needed during their unique educational journey. Whether you engage with us through individual counseling or group workshops, CBA’s mission or empowering students to be the most successful version of themselves in college admissions and beyond is at the forefront. Questions? Email us at