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College Applications Clinics

Admissions Academy students receive a straightforward, detailed guide to help untangle the college application process.


The Admissions Academy is our small group signature program designed to assist high school juniors in completing the major milestones of their college application.

We help our students know exactly what they need to do, from when they start their college search to when they submit their applications. More importantly, we help them enjoy the journey!


The Admissions Academy team kept her organized and actually made the college application process FUN for our child!”

– Gina, parent, Newton, MA.

College Application Intensive

Our College Application Intensive is your child’s step-by-step guide to completing their college applications (before heading back to school for their senior year).

Our 8-week group intensive program entails…

  • Researching Colleges
  • Plan and prepare for the standardized tests
  • Which College is Best for me?
  • Time Management
  • Navigating a College Major
  • Taking the ACT and SAT
  •  Understand the specifics and deadlines for each college
  • Writing the essay

Over the course of 8 weeks – each session builds on that last, helping to equip your student to better prepare for their college admissions journey, all before their senior year.

We help our students:

  •  Better understand the process of “getting in” to colleges
  • Follow a detailed, manageable timeline to keep them on track with
    their applications
  • Complete their application materials in a timely manner
  • Develop strong, compelling essays
  • Stay ahead of college admission deadlines

College Application Clinics

Not everyone needs the college intensive. Therefore, students can choose one to sign up for one of our clinics a la carte to start or finish their college applications.

Our College Application Clinics are the perfect micro group sessions for your student to get specialized help in an area they may need more assistance in!

Students can sign up for one or more individual sessions on topics such as:

Your College Search:

  • Learn how to research colleges and stay organized
  •  Determine what colleges might be the best fit for you
  • Design a preliminary list

Standardized Test Prep:

  • Understand the difference between SAT/ACT
  • Practice sample questions
  • Map out a testing plan/schedule

Preparing to Apply:

  • Understand the Common Application
  • Complete (basic) sections, including the activity section
  • Map out a plan for additional information (i.e., resume, portfolio

The Common Application Essay:

  • Understand the personal statement
  • Brainstorm potential topics
  • Participate in writing exercises

How to write the Why college X Essay::

  •  Learn how to research a particular school
  • Brainstorm essay ideas
  • Learn to outline and write an essay or two

Both my children both loved working with Eydie and felt it made the college process manageable and (dare I say?) almost stress-free.”

– Gina, parent, Newton, MA.

I can’t believe I actually got my applications and essay done before I went back to school!”

– Lizzy, student, Newton, MA

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