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CBA College List Builder

Have you found yourself searching and searching for schools to add to your child’s college list? Yet, you keep coming up with the same few schools?

Are you going down a rabbit hole using search engines and generic lists, hoping to find some clarity? Yet, you constantly go back to the drawing board and never make any headway, and instead, feeling more confused?

You’ve come to the right place! College Bound Advising works one-on-one with each student to create a curated list of colleges that match their personality, learning style, and goals for the future. This ultimately helps each student find their ‘right fit schools’ to help them towards their college admissions journey!

Each year we see many students and families struggle to create their list of schools, and we knew we wanted to help reach more families!

We offer a personalized approach to creating a list of “right fit” schools for your student. Our senior admissions advisors meet with students individually to discover what schools are the right fit for them.

Our College List Builder is not a college list “search engine” – we don’t simply plug in a few data points and create a list. Our college admissions experts use our collective years of extensive knowledge of colleges and adolescents, and spend time getting to know your child in order to build your child’s individualized list.

Start today with our Personalized College List Builder to be one step closer to having a curated list of “right fit” colleges for your student!


  • Students complete our signature U-Profile questionnaire.

  • They are assigned a personal College Advisor who will schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss their answers.

  • Their College Advisor will then create a list of up to ten schools (and reasons why we chose them for that particular student). 

  • Once their list is created, the student’s College Advisor will schedule a follow-up 45 minute Zoom call to discuss our proposed list. 

  • Based on the discussion and feedback, a student’s College Advisor will revise the list as needed.

  • If needed, a final 30-minute Zoom can be scheduled to discuss any updates to the students list.

  • After a student’s final meeting with their College Advisor, their College Advisor will send our final list of suggested schools to your student! (With some suggestions on what to do next.)

When developing a students curated list of colleges, we review the information captured in your child’s U-Profile questionnaire, information from our parent “brag sheet,” and details gathered from our initial consultation to build a list of colleges that reflects THEM.

Every student’s list of colleges that we develop includes individualized notes explaining why particular schools are a good fit for THEM.

We had no idea where to start and thought the college search process would drain us. The team at CBA took away that fear and helped our son create a list of schools that was right for him.”

– Dan, parent, Needham, MA

Our daughter was unsure of the kind of schools she wanted to apply to. Her CBA college advisor not only created a great list for her, she helped Lily understand how to research additional schools. She eventually applied and is now happily attending a schoo

– Susan, parent, Mt. Kisco, NY

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