1:1 College Counseling

We are with you every step of the way

From initial brainstorming sessions to final application submissions, our dedicated counselors provide unwavering support and expertise tailored to your child’s unique needs and aspirations. 

Our counselors will help you and your child understand the complexities of college admissions with confidence. 

 Our full-service advising provides our students guidance and support through every phase of their college search, application and essay writing process. 

Through our: 1:1 sessions, family meetings signature office hours we help students navigate high school their coursework, develop their extracurriculars, explore academic opportunities to create a well-rounded college list, and develop essays that will help their applications shine.

Our college admissions consultants and essay experts devote significant time to getting to know our students and their families to help them target colleges that best match them academically and socially.

Using our signature assessments and exercises, we develop a well-researched, customized college list that reflects our students’ specific needs and desires.


Learn how our 1:1 counseling can help your family

The average student-to-counselor ratio at public high schools is 415:1, and even counselors at independent schools can have upwards of 50 students on their dockets. Working with one of our private advisors during the college admissions process gives your child the individualized support they need and deserve.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the dates, deadlines, and decisions to make. Our 1:1 packages will help to alleviate stress by streamlining the process and, in turn, minimizing conflicts improving the entire experience for the whole family.

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Happy Clients

CBA understands the whole process and is able to tailor There services as needed

"Eydie Balsam is a great college coach and was invaluable to us during our daughter’s college application process. But she is so much more. Eydie personalizes her support based on the needs of her clients and makes each family feel like they are special and have her undivided attention. She understands the whole process and is able to tailor her services as needed.”
Parent, Class of 2020 (Dover-Sherborn, MA)

We were very happy with
the final result.

“During the application process, Eydie and her team were great at not only making sure the applications were complete and deadlines were being met, but for helping our daughter develop her personal essay as well. They spent time ensuring the final product reflected our daughter’s strength of character while at the same time making sure it was reflected in her own authentic voice! We were very happy with the final result.”
Parent, Class of 2021 (Newton, MA)